UFO Class Kicks Off Winter Circuit at Foiling Midwinters

KEY LARGO, Florida, Planet Earth (January 27, 2019) UFOs joined the International Moth Class at Upper Keys Sailing Club for Foiling Midwinters from January 25-27th, 2019.

After two practice days with 15 knots of breeze, the first day of the regatta kicked off in 6-9 knots with some lulls as low as 4 knots. All competitors got on the foils at times, but even the Moths would get stuck in the water in the worst lulls. The name of the game for the UFOs was finding a puff to get foiling in upwind and heading straight to the mark downwind in foil-assist mode. While some competitors did choose to foil downwind, they quickly discovered the extreme angles they had to sail in the lulls to stay foiling didn’t get them to the bottom mark first. Definitely a highly tactical game of snakes and ladders.

Days 2 and 3 the breeze picked up and full-course foiling became the key to victory. In the windier conditions David Clark and Nick Burroughs began to pull away from the rest of the fleet and a duel for first place began. After 12 hard fought races it came down to one point with David Clark beating out Nick Burroughs for first and Otto Demuth, winner in Race 1, foiling comfortably into third place. Full results below.

UFO (6 boats)

Pos,Sail, Skipper, Yacht Club, Results, Total Points

1. 00073, Dave Clark, NHFL, [2]-2-1-[4]-1-2-1-1-1-2-1-2- ; 14   

2. 92, Nicholas Burroughs, NHfL, [3]-1-[2]-1-2-1-2-2-2-1-2-1- ; 15   

3. 11, Otto DeMuth, James Island Yacht Club, 1-3-4-[5]-3-3-3-3-[5]-5-3-3- ; 31   

4. 58, Barry Kuehl, Fleet 204, [7/DNS]-[7/DNS]-6-6-4-5-4-4-3-3-4-4- ; 43   

5. 4, Martin Langhoff, Miami Rowing Club, [7/DNS]-4-3-3-5-[6]-6-6-4-4-5-5- ; 45   

6. 154, James Burgess, Conanicut Yacht Club, 4-5-5-2-[6]-4-5-5-[6]-6-6-6- ; 48   

The UFO Class would like to thank our wonderful hosts at Upper Keys Sailing Club. We look forward to heading back to Key Largo with our fellow foilers at the beginning of March for the Ladd Lewis Memorial Regatta. Following the Key Largo events, the UFO Class invades Charleston for Foilmania and Fort2Battery from April 26-28th.

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