UFOs have been landing all over the world. There are UFO owners in the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Italy, the UK and a host of other locations. However, with that said, the vast majority of UFO owners are in North America. This is only natural since boat was designed by Americans and is built in Rhode Island. It has an American sensibility to it and a distinct purchasing advantage for locals. Fleet racing will by default be initially most intense on the Eastern Seaboard, with other locations following.

The following is an incomplete list of upcoming UFO events.

AYC-High Performance Regatta
October 6th-8th, American Yacht Club, Rye NY.
With eight UFOs already registered, AYC has given the fleet its own start line. This will be the inagural event of true UFO class racing

UFO Intergalactic Championship- Miami -Mid November
Set to dovetail with the US edition of Foiling Week, the Intergalactic championship is set to suffice as the international championship for the year 2017.