Foiling Midwinters… Now with Clinic Days

Freezing cold weather and shorter days weighing you down? UFO collecting dust in the garage? Don’t worry, Foiling Midwinters* will turn it all around. 

Charter boat reservations are still available and we can offer logistical support for folks shipping/trailering their UFOs to Florida. Email us to book your trip today!! 

UFO Winter Circuit 2020DatesLocation
East Coast Foiling MidwintersJanuary 15-20, 2020Key Largo, FL
East Coast Foiling Midwinters #2March 11-16, 2020Key Largo, FL
East Coast Foiling Midwinters #3April 1-6, 2020Key Largo, FL
Fort 2 BatteryApril 17-20, 2020Charleston, SC

Foiling Midwinters* at Upper Keys Sailing Club in Key Largo, FL will be the highlight of your winter, but only if you attend. Each event will include 6 days of foiling in steady breezes on the flat waters of Buttonwood Sound.

  • We get started with a practice/free-sail day. No fixed schedule and plenty of time to get your boat rigged and yourself settled before the event starts in earnest.
  • Day two we’ll be offering a full-day clinic to any interested UFO sailors. Clinic days are a new addition to Foiling Midwinters* after overwhelming customer requests in the Fleet Building and Event Planning Survey. By the way, you should fill the survey out, if you haven’t already.
  • Next we move into 3 days of racing. We’ll be running a new course in 2020 that allows for grand-prix finishes, which for all the non-motorsport enthusiasts means finishing a lap down. And don’t worry, the new course still includes the reaching starts we all love. 
  • To cap it all off, we’ll be doing another clinic day where you can learn from the leaders of the fleet and cement all the lessons learned over the course of an amazing 6-day foiling vacation. 

Still not convinced? Check out the action from last year.

  • UFO charters will be $600 for each event. 
  • Clinic days will be $200/day, but if you haven’t used up your two free clinic days in Bristol, RI ($150/day value), we’ll credit you $150/day bringing the price down to just $50/day for a full-day clinic in Florida.
  • UFO charters for Midwinters #1 (January 15-20) are fully booked. If you missed out, be sure to fill out the surveys like the Fleet Building and Event Planning Survey when they get sent out. Customers who indicated interest in the Winter Circuit got first dibs on UFO charters at their preferred event.
  • If you’re trying to get your own UFO down to Foiling Midwinters* in the Keys, I’m happy to offer logistical support. Just send me an email.
  • Multiple hotels are available on Route 1 near Upper Keys Sailing Club. Additionally, tent camping is available for $40/night a couple hundred yards from the club. Email us for camping details and other local knowledge.

Stay tuned at for more information on upcoming UFO events. Don’t have a UFO? Head to the manufacturers website,, to Join the Invasion. Follow us on YouTubeInstagram and Facebook to stay up to date on everything UFO.


Side effects of Foiling Midwinters include: euphoria, life jacket tan, foil-gybes, new foiling friends, beach side beers, key lime pie, watching Moth sailors do boatwork, dark n’ stormies, Martin’s extra-dark dark n’ stormies, watching Superfoiler highlights at the best bar in the world, tent-camping, befriending the lizard who lives next to your tent, giving the lizard a little of your eggs and bacon, wind-delay raft-ups, watching Moth sailors capsize and swim when the wind dies, salt strewn hair, DiGiorgio’s Cafe Largo, believing you’d make a great fighter pilot, humming Top Gun music, pondering what your callsign would be, ventilating because you’ve lost focus, epic drone shots, crystal clear waters, pruney finger-tips, sun, fun, splashes, crashes, hoots and hollers.