UFOs Cap Off Winter Series with Fort 2 Battery

CHARLESTON, South Carolina, Planet Earth (April 28, 2019) UFOs flew into Charleston this past weekend for three fun-filled days of foiling in the combined Fort 2 Battery and Foilmania events.

After a few pre-event practice days in warm 12-18 knot sea breezes, things really kicked up on Friday for the first day of Foilmania racing. Throughout the day foilers faced sustained winds in the mid-twenties with gusts into the thirties and a peak gust of 35 knots. Dave Clark and Nick Burroughs each won one race before the Race Committee called off racing for the day with winds continuing to build. With the drone on station for a third race some obligatory blast reaching had to be performed before all the boats safely returned to shore.

Day two featured much lighter winds for the Fort 2 Battery race. In order to allow the sea breeze to build Race Committee delayed the start to 3:55 pm. When the gun finally went local ace Otto Demuth shot out to an early lead in 8-12 knots of seabreeze. As the breeze built towards the end of the race Dave Clark finally managed to reel him in just before the finish line for the Fort 2 Battery win.

Day three featured extremely puffy conditions starting out about 10 knots and building up to around 16 knots by the last race. Navigating current, wind shifts and some brutal lulls proved to be very tricky, but Dave Clark handled it all in stride to take the overall win with Otto Demuth in second and Nick Burroughs in third.

From left to right: Otto Demuth, Coach (Ryan) Hamm, Dave Clark and Nick Burroughs

The UFO Class would like to thank our wonderful hosts at James Island Yacht Club. Plus all the competitors in the BBQ Cookoff, who provided a huge spread of delicious BBQ for all racers after the Fort 2 Battery Race. We can’t wait to return for next years event with even more UFOs.

Stay tuned at www.ufoclass.com for more information on upcoming UFO events. Next up is Wickford Regatta June 8-9, 2019. Don’t have a UFO? Head to the manufacturers website, www.fulcrumspeedworks.com, to Join the Invasion. Follow us on YouTubeInstagram and Facebook to stay up to date on everything UFO.